Today on Engineering Newswire, we’re going autonomous with army caravans, seeing the world without any windows, and 3D printing on the fly. This episode features:

Autonomous Military Vehicles: The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center’s, or TARDEC, 30-Year Ground Vehicle Strategy is creating new technology that could lead to completely autonomous systems.

The vehicles will use safety features such as obstacle detection, collision avoidance, lane departure, tip-over warnings, and vision enhancement for low-visibility conditions. They also will provide aid to soldiers located in the battle-fields.

The Windowless Cockpit of the Future: A new patent from Airbus has recently been released detailing an aircraft with a cockpit including a viewing surface for piloting which is at least particularly virtual. This virtual surface would most likely be an OLED screen, and may include the use of holograms.

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3D Printing on the Fly, Literally: We’re all familiar with how far 3D printers have come since their inception, but have you ever wondered what they’ll be like by 2040? BAE systems is working to create 3D-printed UAVs.

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