Watch the on-demand version of ECN’s Engineering Live: AC vs. DC, featuring:

  • Dr. Karim Wassef, General Manager of Embedded Products, General Electric
  • Dr. Alex Q. Huang, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • Steven Collier, IEEE Smart Grid Expert, Director, Smart Grid Strategies, Milsoft Utility Solutions
  • Jason Dugas, ISS Power Inverter Project Manager, NASA - Johnson Space Center

In the old war of currents between Edison and Tesla, Tesla’s alternating current proved to be the winner in grid distribution. We wonder if it will prevail when it comes to local and regional distribution. The new distribution extends deeper than the power grid; it goes down into the hearts of datacenters and high performance computing.

In this edition of Engineering Live, host and Editor-in-Chief, David Mantey, leads the expert panel in a discussion centered around the old war between AC and DC to discuss the future and next generation solutions including:

  • When you're off the grid, is alternating current or direct current the better solution?
  • How will the power landscape change if the world runs out of cheap energy?
  • What is the best way to store solar energy?