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IMS 2014 Plenary Speaker

For the first time in IMS history, there will be a female plenary speaker kicking off the events. Vida Ilderem, Vice President, Intel Labs Director, Integrated Computing Research at INTEL CORPORATION will be discussing how data, devices and personalization are fueling demand for innovation.

As the internet of things turns everything intelligent, as the massive amounts of data being generated becomes more democratized and as our interactions with devices and data becomes more personalized, the demand for innovation is occurring at a rapidly increasing pace. Industry and academia need to innovate faster than ever before to keep up with the increasingly sophisticated expectations of users. This talk will cover the required technology innovations for a digitized world where everything can be made intelligent and connected.

WDD Live at IMS2014

Tomorrow, Wireless Design and Development will be hosting a live panel discussion on connected cars. We welcome, Reginald Viray, Eric Lind, Mehul Udani, Matt Maxwell, Goskel Dedeoglu, and Edgardo Menendez as our panelists.

The event will take place at 6:00pm eastern standard time at API Technologies Booth #1515. Those interested can check out the registration link below and join in on the conversation via Google Hangout. Submit your questions for the live Q&A @wirelessdesign #WDDlive.

MOCCs & Flipped Classrooms

On Wednesday, June 4th, attendees can enjoy an IMS panel session on MOOCs (Mooks) and flipped classrooms, which have attracted significant attention over the last couple of years due to their revolutionary approach to teaching and the possibility of simultaneously approaching an enormously large number of students. Some of the questions that will be addressed during this panel, include:

  • Is this is a true revolution or a passing fad as some view Facebook?
  • Are we moving away from socializing, or are we better at socially networking?
  • Is this a good approach for a gateway, graduate, or further education courses?
  • Will MOOCs permit a high level of student retention, obtain accreditation from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET), and convince future employers?

The panel discussion will take place at 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time in TCC Ballroom B.

IMS2014 STEM Program

Another first for IMS this year is the IMS2014 STEM Program On Thursday, June fifth a day of fun and informational activities will take place around the Tampa Bay Convention Center.

Goals for the program will include:

1. To introduce students to Microwave Electronics (technology/careers/networking) through a Science, Technology Engineering & Math (STEM)-focused day at a conference experience.

2. To integrate university/industry educational engagement with technical speakers, hands-on activities, informational tables, and exhibition tour.

3. To create an opportunity for quality interaction between potential future engineers and scientists (theand practicing engineers and college students in the interesting and engaging setting of an international engineering event.

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