In this episode of the HotSeat, Wireless Design and Development sits down with Brad Gilbert who is the Senior Product Manager of Licensed and Ethernet radios at FreeWave Technologies.

Brad has more than 20 years of experience in product, project and engineering management with diverse and fast paced companies developing wireless M2M communication solutions. Prior to joining FreeWave, He served in several management functions at Silver Spring Networks, including the roles of senior director of product management and senior director of NIC and meter strategy where he developed and launched numerous wireless Smart Grid products.

Brad earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder and holds several U.S. Patents for his innovations across various utility network interface devices, antennas and information processing from sensor networks.

Today Brad will be discussing the new WavePoint platform from FreeWave.

  1. What are the latest advancements in wireless M2M communications and what is driving these innovations (i.e. customers, competitors, other technologies, etc.)?
  2. What is the new WavePoint platform from FreeWave, and how does it mark a shift in wireless communications and networking technology?
  3. Can you provide us with an example or two of how this solution changes the way organizations deploy production networks?
  4. Does this platform have any limitations? If so, what are they?
  5. How does this particular technology compare to similar products?

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