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  • It’s baseball season, and not only can fans enjoy their stadium hotdogs and brats with an ice cold brewskie, they will now have the chance to use iBeacon Technology. The baseball experience will be enhanced with proximity sensors located throughout the stadium that push exclusive offers, seat upgrades, and other information to Bluetooth-enabled Apple iOS7 devices.
  • Cisco, GE, Intel, AT&T, and IBM are coming together to standardize interoperability across smart machines, and drive adoption of an Internet of Things. The formation of the Industrial Internet Consortium, or IIC, will enable organizations to more easily connect and optimize assets, operations and data to drive agility and to unlock business value across all industrial sectors.
  • This week I’ll be in sunny CA, attending the 5th annual LTE Innovation Summit, which will explore the design and test implications of converging wireless technologies. This year’s topics of interest include LTE, LTE-Advanced, IMS, VoLTE, Rich Communication Suite (RCS), Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS), Location Based Services (LBS), Conformance and Carrier Acceptance Testing, Efficient Power Amplifier Design, Over-the-Air (OTA) techniques and measurements, Network Optimization, Smart Traffic Offloading, LTE/Radar coexistence, High-bandwidth Gigabit Systems, a preview of 5G, and much more.
  • Samsung and Honda have both recently announced their Smart Home designs. Honda’s Smart Home, which has been constructed on University of California, Davis campus, generates enough solar energy to power both car and home, with a little left over to feed back into the grid. Samsung’s smart home service makes home automation effortless and easy, with a single app that makes it possible to connect and control home appliances, TVs, and mobile devices.

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