On this week's episode of the HotSeat, WDD sits down with Bill Bidermann, Vice President of Engineering at Airgain, a leading provider of embedded antenna products, integration support, and test services for the in-home wireless device market.

With over 25 years of technical and management experience, Bill's career has been marked by successful engagements at some of the biggest names in the technology arena, as well as aggressive and innovative emerging firms. He has served in executive positions with a variety of Silicon Valley companies including Pixim, Chromatic Research, and Tripath Technology.

Bill began his career designing DRAMs and CCDs at the HP Labs and TI's Central Research Lab. He has served many roles within the IEEE Solid State Circuits Society and and is currently serving as its President. 

He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and has been awarded 17 patents.

Today Bill will be discussing the AirMetric, a Wi-Fi performance modeling solution.

  1. What was occurring within the wireless device market that created the need for the AirMetric, Wi-Fi performance modeling solution?
  2. Can you describe the technology behind the AirMetric, and how it successfully provides wireless device manufacturers with early stage design recommendations?
  3. How else is AirMetric unique from traditional design solutions for wireless devices?
  4. In what ways does AirMetric set the bar for system design?

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