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Remember when I said this?

Yeah, that was a lie. Get well soon, Meaghan.

Today at Embedded World 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany, Sierra Wireless introduced the Legato platform, an open source embedded platform built on Linux and designed to simplify the development of M2M applications from the device to the cloud.

Ah, what is that little guy? A mascot? Four logos? Just hate it when penguins sell out man.

Sierra expects millions of devices to be connected over the next few years, but designers must overcome significant challenges to enable the Internet of Things. One of these challenges is the time and investment required to get from design to deployment. I suppose that’s two challenges.

The Legato embedded platform integrates Wind River Linux with an M2M application framework and feature-rich tools. It’s designed to provide a head start with customizable components for everything from connected cars to smart meters. Industrial automation, and just the least menacing icon ever seen in the industry, ever.

For AirPrime WP and AR smart module customers, Legato comes pre-loaded on the module, allowing OEMs to begin developing immediately.

It also seamlessly connects to AirVantage M2M Cloud and offers robust APIs that make it easy to connect to a multitude of peripheral devices, networks, and third-party cloud services over both wired and wireless hardware interfaces.

Wait is that penguin sweating or crying?

See Legato in action at Embedded World 2014. Sierra Wireless is in Hall 4, Stand 4-568.

For more information or to be included in the beta program, please visit

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