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  • Texas Instruments wants you to know about KoolThings, a new product seeking support from Kickstarter backers which turns all of your wireless gadgets into one simple, user friendly system. KoolThings is an innovative system made up by a KoolWand and KoolBridge. The KoolWand is a wearable, futuristic magic wand that connects to smartphone apps via BlueTooth low energy BLE and enhances consumers’ lives by making them more secure. The KoolBridge is a dual-purpose bridge that connects Koolwand sensors to Cloud services for home monitoring. It also converts all of those pesky wireless standards into one easy to use remote control.
  • The ZIO patch is a small adhesive wireless device worn on the chest for up to two weeks. Recently, the Scripps Translational Science Institute found that the ZIO patch does a better job detecting abnormal and potentially dangerous heart rhythms than the Holter monitor, the standard for more than 50 years. The ZIO Service, which includes the ZIO Patch, data analysis and a diagnostic report provided by device maker iRhythm Technologies of San Francisco, has the potential to replace the Holter monitor as the preferred method of tracking electrical heart activity in ambulatory patients.
  • Exosite is taking pest control to a whole new level, of murder. Mouse murder. Once a mouse is trapped, you don’t want it laying around. Well with Exosite’s platform, consumers are automatically notified when their trap has been sprung. It’s particularly important in situations where removal of the remains is vital, as in food preparation and storage. It’s the company’s nice way of saying rats in the kitchen.
  • Climbax is a wrist-worn band with movement sensors that provides you climb stats. Your climb-ax stats. By using validated algorithms, climbers can detect their individual moves and track other performance stats. After training sessions, the data can be uploaded from the bands to a website that automatically produces a report that is uploaded to your climbax profile.

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