Today on Meaghan's Minute, brought to you by Memory Protection Devices, wouldn’t it be great is our mobile devices charged themselves without ever being plugged in, or if we could hang our ridiculously over-sized flat screen TVs on the wall without the unattractive wire dropping down the wall.

Watertown, Massachusetts-based, WiTricity is developing wireless electricity technology that will operate safely and efficiently over distances ranging from centimeters to several meters—and will deliver power ranging from milliwatts to kilowatts.

WiTricity technology can be used to provide:

  • Direct Wireless Power — when all the power a device needs is provided wirelessly, and no batteries are required. This mode is for a device that is always used within range of its WiTricity power source.
  • Automatic Wireless Charging — when a device with rechargeable batteries charges itself while still in use or at rest, without requiring a power cord or battery replacement. This mode is for a mobile device that may be used both in and out of range of its WiTricity power source.

WiTricity technology is designed to be directly embedded in the products and systems of OEM's.

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