Last week I attended the Wireless Power Summit in Austin, TX.

Some of the main issues the summit focused on included:

  • The big deployments in Wireless Power Technologies: Mobile Environment.
  • Infrastructure: Construction, Restaurants.
  • Applications in Airports, Automotive, Furniture.
  • Latest technology developments.
  • Intersection of emerging technologies and wireless power: Bluetooth, NFC (near field communication).
  • Energy efficiency and wireless power.
  • Coils and shielding.
  • Medical and household appliances applications.

Keynote speaker, Ryan Sanderson, who is the Associate Director of Power Supply and Storage Components at HIS, gave his perspective on the adoption of wireless power internationally.

When asked what he was looking forward to hear at this year’s summit, Sanderson replied that he would like to hear how the industry can work together to promote the next generation of technology (regardless of the number of alliances involved) and how the OEMs and solution providers aim to drive the adoption and awareness of wireless charging over the next two years in order to stimulate the demand needed to catapult the market into a volume adoption growth phase.

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