API Technologies has developed their Spectrum Control line of standard circular connectors for commercial, industrial and military applications that are completely intermateable with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III compact shell connectors. These EMI filtered or unfiltered circular connectors are highly reliable, durable and fully customizable. In addition, they can accommodate your quick-turn schedule by adding feedthru filtering to the standard connector footprint.

API Technologies has been a leading supplier of custom EMI circular connectors since 1968, offering a variety of connectors including MIL-DTL-55116, -83723, -24308, -26482 and -5015. Their filtered compact shell connector’s provide an effective filtering device that reduces the amount of space required within a product enclosure, in many cases the filtered versions are a drop in replacement.

They offer planar-style filtered arrays, available in C and Pi circuits. All components and shells are made in-house followed by extensive quality control and testing, ensuring reliable, high performance connectors.

Their vertical integration includes a unique material process and extensive machining capabilities, allowing API to easily modify the mechanical package of any connector, ensuring fast and affordable custom designs.

Other connector manufacturers mold their composite shells, making custom designs expensive. At API, custom mechanical variations are machined. This allows unique packages without traditional tooling charges.

API can also machine composite shell connectors for substantial weight reduction. And they offer hermetically sealed circular connectors that protect against atmospheric pressure changes and exposure to humidity, grime, and chemicals. This makes them ideal for aerospace engine control, hydraulic, and caustic environments. To help customers meet these Hi-Rel requirements, API can provide custom cables and connector harnessing.

Best known for its Spectrum Control line of coaxial Electromagnetic Interference components, API Technologies is a leading technology provider of RF/microwave, microelectronics, and security technologies for critical and high-reliability applications in a variety of defense, aerospace, industrial, energy, commercial, and consumer applications. For more information on API’s electromagnetic integrated solutions and power systems, please visit