Smarter Healthcare

In an effort to provide remote monitoring solutions to doctors so they can be more sufficient while minimizing costs and the consequences that come with waiting until it is too late, San Francisco-based Qardio has introduced the QardioArm and QardioCore wearable monitoring devices.

Both the QardiArm and QardioCore are meant for anyone interested in smarter healthcare.

The QardioArm is a blood pressure monitor that makes it simple and convenient to measure one’s blood pressure on a daily basis and The QardioCore is a revolutionary core strap that continuously monitors ECG, heart rate, physical activity, and skin temperature to help improve the diagnosis of certain cardiac conditions.

Continuous Wireless Monitoring

Both monitoring devices connect wirelessly to iOS devices and the Qardio secure, integrated platform, providing an easy to read and personalized view of their health that uploads automatically and made available to doctors and loved ones.

By providing a wireless monitoring solution, patients do not have to keep returning to the hospital for tests that require electrodes to be attached to the body with patches and conductive gels. Instead, they are able to monitor their health from anywhere at any time, at a much more affordable cost, and they are directly connected to their doctor who can provide advice or instructions.

Qardio Integrated Platform

All the data that is collected from the QardioCore and QardioArm gets wirelessly transferred to the Qardio Internet Platform, where it is analyzed and made available to the patient, the patient’s family, and the patient’s primary doctor and/or cardiologist.

The platform is designed so not just individual consumer and doctors can access the information, but so larger health institutions can connect to the cloud and access the necessary information needed for a proper diagnosis.

Empowering Doctors

By providing remote monitoring of patients, the devices help cut back on the time spent on routine check-ups, giving health professionals the opportunity to focus on the patients who may require more immediate attention.

The Qardio devices also allow for a much wider patient base among a few number of doctors, which is crucial for different organizations and for decreasing the costs of healthcare.

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