This week on WDD’s HotSpot:

  • Germany-based Hama, has announced their WiFi data reader that wirelessly transfers photos and videos onto your iPad or iPhone sans wires. Compatible with SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards, USB sticks, and micro SD cards, this tiny card reader can also be used as a simple WiFi repeater and/router, providing simultaneous access to stored data and the Internet.
  • A 56-page document titled “Xbox 720-9-24 Checkpoint Draft 1” has shown up on Scribd, and it supposedly outlines exactly what features Microsoft thinks the “next-gen” Xbox should include. The document includes a diagram that specifically names Apple TV, Google TV, and OnLive as main competitors, and states the console will use Windows 8 platform, meaning it could also streamline the development of games across Xbox, PC, and Windows phones.
  • Civil Rights Defenders in Stockholm has launched the Natalia Project: a wireless assault alarm system that draws attention to any assaults on human rights activists. A pre-written alert that includes a timestamp, location, and recommended causes of action is sent to other activists via email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Boeing has developed the Phantom Phoenix Family of satellites that are easy to customize and economical to launch. Available in three configurations that have tailored avionics, selective redundancy options, high autonomy and low-risk integration; these satellites are intended for a wide range of missions, including intelligence, surveillance, and planetary science.

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