In this episode of Engineering Update, brought to you by Mouser Electronics, we're talking about self-healing, laser resistant chips, New York City's new interactive, touchscreen subway maps, and BMW and Continental's new project into developing "co-pilot" driving technology. Take a look at this week's news highlights:

  • The technology of traffic counting is being brought to the masses with a new device, called the TrafficCOM. Its creators have recently launched their project on Kickstarter.
  • Researchers at Caltech have produced chips that are capable of better withstanding wear-and-tear, power fluctuations, changes in temperature, load mismatch, and even laser infliction.
  • BMW and Continental plan on introducing self-driving cars to European roadways by the year 2020. They are currently at work developing their "electronic co-pilot" technology.
  • New York City's MTA is planning on introducing interactive HD displayed station maps for their subway system, called "On the Go!"
  • Scientists at the University of Rice have produced a hybrid material that allows for more efficient lithium-ion storage by combining ribbons of vanadium oxide and graphene.

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