Today on Engineering Newswire, we’re talking to virtual heads, firing sexists in Silicon Valley, investigating a super-sized power outage, and fishing far flung space garbage from the bottom of the ocean. This episode features:

  • The University of Cambridge has unveiled Zoe, a virtual talking head that is capable of expressing lifelike facial expressions.
  • Forking repo’s and big dongles brought big problems at the PyCon 2013 conference held in Santa Clara last week.
  • founder, Jeff Bezos, recently recovered (and plans to restore) old F-1 rocket engines that were used in the Apollo missions from the bottom of the Atlantic.
  • After the red hot fire of Monday morning engineering subsided, Entergy New Orleans hired forensic engineer John Palmer to perform an independent analysis of the February 3 power outage, and we have the full report.
  • Terradynamics is the science of legged animals and vehicles moving on granular and other complex surfaces. It could allow designers to optimize legged robots operating in complex environments for search-and-rescue missions, space exploration, and who knows what else.

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