OKW’s Sophisticated New Extruded Enclosures For Control Electronics

March 2018

OKW has launched SMART-TERMINAL – a brand new range of sophisticated extruded aluminum and plastic enclosures for control electronics.

SMART-TERMINAL is only the second OKW range to combine aluminum extrusions with plastic. It is designed for applications including peripheral and interface equipment, communications, safety engineering, biometrics, medical and laboratory technology, healthcare, measurement and control engineering.

Elegant SMART-TERMINAL combines ultra-modern aesthetics with smart design and robust construction to create high quality enclosures with plenty of space for large volume touchscreens, display modules and PCBs. The enclosures can be used for desktop, handheld and wall mounted applications. Its large flat surfaces offer lots of options for installing interfaces.

SMART-TERMINAL’s matt anodized aluminum case body features a large recessed area on top for displays, membrane keypads and operating elements. Horizontal guide rails and T-groove screw channels are provided inside for fitting PCBs. The base is fitted by Torx T10 anti-tamper screws.

The two end covers are molded from UV-stable ASA+PC-FR (standard color lava gray) with deep recesses to protect cables and connectors. These covers sit snugly in designer soft-touch TPV seals (volcano gray or green as standard). Covers and seals are held in place by hidden Torx T10 screws.

SMART-TERMINAL is available in one width (6.69”) and height (1.96”) and three standard profile lengths: 6.29”, 7.87”, 9.44”. The covers add a further 1.65”, bringing the enclosures’ total lengths to 7.95”, 9.52” and 11.10”. Custom lengths are available on request. Prices start at $96.

Accessories include: a case canting kit for an ergonomic reading angle of 12°; a wall suspension element for secure flush-mounting; a set of four M3 square-head PCB mounting nuts to fit the T-groove screw channels; a Torx T10 screwdriver.

OKW can supply SMART-TERMINAL fully customized on request. Services include: custom colors (minimum quantity 200 for the seals); CNC machining; lacquering; screen, tampo or digital printing of legends and logos; installation and assembly of accessories; display windows; membrane keyboards and touchscreens.    

Visit the OKW website for further information:   https://www.okwenclosures.com/en/Aluminum-enclosures/Smart-Terminal.htm

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