New Size and Stations for OKW’s BODY-CASE Wearable Enclosures

January 2018

OKW has added a new size M and two stations to its BODY-CASE range of fully wearable enclosures.

Smart and comfortable BODY-CASE is designed for a wide range of wearable electronics applications including tracking and monitoring; emergency call and notification; bio-feedback sensors for healthcare, wellness and sports fitness. It can also be used for industrial electronics.

BODY-CASE is OKW’s first enclosure that can be worn just like a watch. Each enclosure is supplied with two 18 mm spring bars for a wrist strap. And with an optional fastening kit, BODY-CASE can also be fitted on a lanyard, clipped to a belt/pocket, fitted to a key ring or carried loose.

Power can be supplied by round or button cells on the PCB or by a rechargeable battery with a copper loop for charging the device inductively.

BODY-CASE is now available in two sizes: new M (1.96” x 1.61” x 0.65”) or the existing L (2.16” x 1.81” x 0.66”). Both sizes can be specified either with or without a recessed top for a membrane keypad or product label.

Each case comprises three parts: a top section with PCB location bars; a bottom section with four pre-molded drilling centres for use when fitting contact pins (drilling required); a soft-touch matt sealing ring. The PCB is held securely between the top and bottom sections after assembly with four tamperproof Torx M2 x 6 mm screws.

Protection levels are high: IP 65, IP 67. The highly polished top and bottom are molded from Traffic White UV-stable ASA while the sealing ring is Lava or Vermilion TPE for enhanced ingress protection. Prices for BODY-CASE start at $12.

The two new M and L stations enable BODY-CASE to be stored conveniently when not in use. The stations have been designed to fit inductive chargers for charging the devices. Guides in the top ensure the enclosure is always mounted correctly. The stations can be mounted in series to create a charging console.

Accessories include wrist straps, lanyards and assembly tools.

Customizing options for BODY-CASE include: custom colors; lacquering; special materials (V-0); CNC machining; printing (screen, tampo and digital) of legends and logos and assembly of accessories.  

For more information, visit the OKW website here:

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