Schaefer (Hopkinton, MA) has introduced 10-A and 20-A industrial filters for its TER Series of low profile, AC-DC power supplies. The TER-10ASF and TER-20ASF are designed to attenuate high frequency noise on AC lines thereby reducing the level of conducted emissions. The TER-ASF Series are suitable for all types of applications and feature an ultra-wide operating temperature range that allows their application in equipment designated for different climatic conditions, including high humidity. Using amorphous nano-crystalline cores, the TER-ASF Series of AC filters:

  • Come in smaller/lighter packaging.
  • Offer low loss.
  • Are fully potted using a heat-conducting insulating compound.
  • Feature surge protection to 1,000 VAC.
  • Offer high humidity tolerance (up to 98 percent).

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