Aitech Defense Systems (Chatsworth, CA) has expanded its line of rugged, managed Gigabit Ethernet switches to include several new versions. In addition to the original 6U CompactPCI (C660) version, Aitech now offers managed Gigabit Ethernet switches in 6U VPX (C670), 3U VPX (C680) and XMC (M620) formats. The new rugged switches provide reliable operation in all harsh environments across several military, rugged, and industrial applications. Each managed switch product:

  • Supports the same protocols and network services, in addition to a simplified HTML browser-based interface.
  • Enables the user to easily manage the switch's comprehensive feature set for a better optimized network. 
  • Perform Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing and switching using the Marvell Prestera 98DX4122 multi-layer switch packet controller.
  • Feature a host of board management devices such as power controller, elapsed time recorder, and temperature sensors.
  • Feature several monitoring devices including CPU, port, and TCAM utilization.

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