AVX Corporation (Greenville, SC) has added high temperature X8R and X8L dielectric components to its high-reliability APS Series multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications. Tested using many of the MIL-STD test methods as used in MIL-PRF-55681, APS Series MLCCs exhibit an ultralow field failure rate of < 1 ppb.  Features include:

  • 6 case sizes spanning 0603 to 2220.
  • 6 voltages spanning 16 to 500 V.
  • Capacitance values spanning 10 pF to 22 µF. 
  • 4 dielectrics of NP0, X7R, X8R, and X8L.
  • 3 capacitance tolerances of ±5, ±10, and ±20%.
  • 4 terminations of plated NiSn, 5% minimum lead, and, for X7R MLCCs, Flexiterm.

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