Now engineers can mix and match 20 ADCs, 20 DACs or 20 High voltage digital I/O pins in any order using the MAX11300, the new mixed-signal PIXI technology from Maxim Integrated Products (Munich, Germany). Key advantages include:

  • Highly configurable: each of the 20 mixed-signal I/Os can be uniquely configured to optimize the PCB layout.
  • Highly integrated: 12-bit ADC, 12-bit high-voltage DAC, 20 digital I/Os, and high-voltage analog switching between adjacent ports; enables bipolar input/output voltages; reduces board size and cost.
  • Highly flexible: high-voltage options, 0V to +10V, 0 to 2.5V, +/-5V, -10V to 0V.
  • Easy to use: configuration software enables drag-and-drop configurations with a simple graphical user interface (GUI); no prior programming/coding skills are required.
  • Fast prototyping: an evaluation (EV) kit (MAX11300EVKIT#) and peripheral module (MAX11300PMB1) are available plus a PA Bias Reference Design MAXREFDES39#

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