SICK (Minneapolis, MN) has announced the launch of the CQ4 capacitive proximity sensor for detecting and monitoring a wide range of objects and materials. The CQ4 is ideal for high-speed object detection through non-metallic surfaces in the electronic and solar, food and beverage, and machine building industries. As a non-contact solution, the CQ4 is quick to install since no holes in the container or tank walls are required.

The CQ4 offers quick and easy sensitivity adjustment via potentiometer, ensuring easy and time-saving setup as well as improved adaptability to application requirements. The CQ4 can be installed flush in all applications. The combination of different switching outputs and connection configurations enable the design engineer to choose the appropriate CQ4 for every application.

  • Miniature IP 67-rated fiber-glass housing ideal for industrial applications with limited space.
  • Switching frequency up to 100 Hz.
  • Sensing range of up to 8 mm.
  • Fill level control for plastic granules, liquids, and powders. 
  • Operating temperature up to 75° C.

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