Lansdale Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) announced the continued availability of the ML145170 circuit originally designed and built by Motorola/Freescale Semiconductor. Lansdale has single-source rights to both globally market and continue to manufacture Motorola’s line of PLL (Phase Lock Loop) Circuits. The ML145170 is a single-chip synthesizer capable of direct usage in the MF (Medium Frequency), HF (High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency) bands designed for equipment. This circuit continues to support present customers and can be used for new designs. The device features:

  • Fully programmable R and N counters.
  • Amplifier at the Fin pin.
  • On-chip support of an external crystal.
  • A programmable reference output.
  • Single and double-ended phase detectors with linear transfer functions (no dead zones). 

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