Jewell Instruments (Manchester, NH) has announced the addition of their new QFM-180 high temperature force-balanced miniature quartz flexure accelerometer sensors to their Inertial Sensors and Controls product group. The QFM-180 is the newest quartz accelerometer joining the previously introduced QFA-125 and QFA-180 accelerometers which are part of the Inertial Sensors and Controls product line.

The QFM-180 Miniature Quartz Flexure Accelerometer Series are state of the art quartz flexure technology that provides high accuracy, repeatability and stability even in the harshest of environments. These accelerometers were designed to withstand high temperature environments and are an ideal fit for the Measure While Drilling (MWD), Down-Hole Drilling, and Borehole Mapping applications within the Oil & Gas industry.

“Jewell is excited to add a third quartz flexure accelerometer sensor to our product portfolio. Since our initial launch of quartz accelerometers last year, we have had an extremely high amount of interest in these sensors and have been asked to design an even smaller more compact sensor. We also plan to continue adding to our quartz accelerometer product line with various temperature range sensors for various applications in the near future,” said Brian Ward, Director of Business and Development for the Sensors and Controls product line.

Features include:

  • 0.717 in., 18.2 mm diameter.
  • Operating temperature range of  -55° to +180° C.
  • Acceleration Range, ±20 g max.
  • Scale Factor 1.9 to 2.2 mA/g.
  • Bias (@ 25° C) 40 mg max. 
  • Axis Alignment (@ 25° C) ±1.5 mRad max.
  • Threshold and Resolution 10 µg max.
  • Bandwidth 300 Hz min.

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