EIC Solutions, Inc. (Warminster, PA) has introduced a line of filter fans which provide an effective, economical method for removing unwanted heat from electrical and electronic enclosures and cabinets. The VFF Series Filter Fans provide forced convection cooling for computers, power distribution equipment, industrial automation controls, food and beverage process controls, telecom communication, and other electrical and electronic devices housed in enclosures. The fans may be used anywhere filtered ambient air will provide sufficient cooling to maintain the equipment at a safe temperature.

EIC filter fans will cool enclosures to a level slightly above the ambient temperature outside the cabinet. To cool enclosure contents, the fans draw filtered ambient air into the cabinet. At the same time, the heated air within the cabinet is blown out an exhaust. The exhaust is also filtered which creates airflow resistance and a slightly higher pressure inside the enclosure. The cool, dense, pressurized filtered air in the cabinet not only maintains a safe operating temperature, but also prevents dust and other particulate contaminants from entering the enclosure through any unsealed openings.

Durable, rugged injection molded, thermoplastic construction is standard. Depending on the model used, EIC filter fans will maintain NEMA ratings of 12, 3R, or 4. An optional stainless steel rain shroud is available for NEMA 4X installations. The fans are designed to mount on side of enclosures and EIC application specialists can help in selecting the correct fan for specific applications.

Features include:

  • Airflow optimized fins and rotor blades for maximum airflow and low energy consumption.
  • Multiple flute intake filters to maximize filter surface area.
  • 11 to 368 CFM of airflow.
  • Flat profile for minimal protrusion of fan housing.
  • Configurations for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Power options of either 24 VDC or 115/230/460 VAC.

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