Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solution (Chandler, AZ and West Caldwell, NJ) launches the new Ku-Band 4-Way Iso-Divider designed for use in satellite applications. This unit represents a further expansion of the products available in this product line.

The Iso-Divider combines the functions of high performance power dividers with ferrite isolators to provide a high isolation power divider solution, making the external isolators redundant for satellite receiver applications, without introducing complex switch-based solutions. Integration of the two functions into a single package provides enhanced product reliability due to fewer external components, interconnects, and transitions. Additionally, marrying the power divider and isolators in the same package allows the performance of the integrated unit to be carefully matched and better overall performance can be obtained. Size and weight of the new product are considerably less than an equivalent discrete assembly.

Specifications include:

  • Frequency range of 10.7 - 14.8 GHz.
  • Return loss (input & output) 20 dB min.
  • Isolation between outputs 38 dB min.
  • Insertion loss (above 6.0 dB theoretical) 1.2 dB max.
  • Phase balance +8° max.
  • Power handling 2 W max.
  • Magnetic emission 0.5 Am2 max.
  • EMI shielding -80 dBi min.
  • SMA female RF connection interface.
  • Operating temperature range of -55 to +85° C.
  • Package size of 2.64 x 1.52 x 0.56”.

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