Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) (Norwood, MA) has announced immediate availability of the AD-FMCADC2-EBZ FMC module with HDL code and software drivers for rapid design prototyping and interoperability with Xilinx FPGAs. The AD-FMCADC2-EBZ board incorporates the 12-bit, 2.5-GSPS AD9625-2.5 A/D converter and the ADA4961 RF amplifier, also introduced, with input balun, power supplies, and software stack. This module provides superior wideband dynamic performance and integrated functionality and enables development and prototyping of advanced RF sampling architectures.

The AD-FMCADC2-EBZ FMC module features:

  • AD9625-2.5 GSPS data converter.
  • Input balun.
  • Clock oscillator.
  • Power management supplies.
  • 76 dBc of spurious-free dynamic range at 1.8 GHz Ain.

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