SICK (Minneapolis, MN) has announced the launch of the low cost OD Mini short range distance sensor for precise measurement tasks. Depending on the application, the OD Mini offers measuring ranges from 100 to 250 mm.

A wide range of interfaces, including analog and switching outputs, ensure the OD Mini can be easily integrated into industrial networks. Its precise measurement capabilities enable high machine throughput, making the OD Mini ideal for positioning, classification, and quality control applications in the robotics, machine tools, electronics, automotive, and packaging industries. Features include:

  • CMOS receiver technology which ensuring accurate, high-resolution measurements regardless of brightness and color of the surface material.
  • Stand-alone device that uses a simple teach-in LED display or external teaching input, providing cost-saving commissioning.
  • Integrated amplifier unit which reduces the amount of cabling.
  • Compact sensor available in two sensor housings, including a rugged 70-g stainless steel housing for harsh environments and a lightweight 40-g aluminum housing for standard applications.

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