Rohde & Schwarz (Germany) has expanded the analysis bandwidth for its R&S FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyzers to be used for measurements in a frequency range up to 67 GHz, enabling completely new applications for the signal and spectrum analyzer in research and development. The analyzer is well-suited for sophisticated measurement tasks in radar or satellite applications as well as for tests on fast wireless connections such as WLAN or Beyond 4G (5G). Features include:

  • Enables users to test pulse rise and fall times from approximately 3 ns or very short pulses from an 8 ns pulse width.
  • Record and measure radar chirps with up to 500 MHz bandwidth.
  • Easily analyze hopping sequences in frequency-agile communications systems.
  • Measure components for microwave links to 500 MHz bandwidth.
  • Ability to measure digital predistortion of amplifiers with up to 160 MHz bandwidth, as required for WLAN 802.11ac signals.

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