Radio Frequency Systems (Meriden, CT) has released the I-ATO3-698/2700 Series of plenum-rated, PIM-certified omni-directional antennas designed 
for broadband in-building distribution of modern wireless communication systems such as LTE, GSM, CDMA, PCS, 3G, WiFi, WLAN services.
The I-ATO3 series is LTE-ready and ensures the highest performance for in-building passive DAS applications, featuring:

  • A plenum-rated, helically corrugated, low-loss pigtail cable with copper outer conductor and factory attached N female connector.
  • An improved Passive Intermodulation (PIM) rating (150 dBc @ 2x20 W).
  • Reduced interference with cells on other floors, delivering better patterns and superior gain and directivity.
  • I-ATO3 antennas are 100% PIM and VSWR tested, with test data included with every antenna.

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