RFMW, Ltd. (San Jose, CA) has announced design and sales support for a 100 to 3,000 MHz GaN amplifier offering a saturated output power of 12W. The TriQuint TGA2216 is available as a 1.8x1.8mm DIE and services applications in electronic warfare, communications systems and RADAR.

The TGA2216 provides 22 dB of small signal gain and 14 dB of large signal gain with Power Added Efficiency (PAE) of > 40 %. For linear applications, P1dB is rated at 34dBm with IM3 at -30 dBc. The TGA2216 MMIC allows lower BOM count, reduced board space and higher efficiency than transistor alternatives. TriQuint intends to offer a QFN packaged device in 2014. 

Other features include:

  • Frequency Min: 0.1 GHz.
  • Frequency Max: 3 GHz.
  • Supply Voltage \ Vd: 48 V.
  • Quiescent Current \ Id: 760 mA.
  • Psat: 41 dBm.
  • VSWR Input: 10 dB.
  • VSWR Output: 10 dB.

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