B&B Electronics  (Ottawa, IL) and RacoWireless (Scottsdale, AZ) have announced that they have teamed up to offer a Spectre cellular router with a prepaid wireless data plan. The B&B Electronics Spectre 3G cellular router, together with RacoWireless network services, provides everything customers need to connect, develop, deploy, and use M2M applications on the secure USA T-Mobile 3G cellular data network. The kit includes:

  • Spectre 3G HSPA+GPRS/GSM cellular router.
  • 10/100 Ethernet, RS-232/422/485, 802.11 Wi-Fi.
  • Free 60-day prepaid trial.
  • 100 MB data usage.
  • 100 SMS.
  • B&B Electronics/ technical support.
  • Raco’s Omega Management Suite for account management, control, and reporting.

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