Pasternack Enterprises (Irvine, CA) has unveiled new RF Circulators and Isolators (also referred to as RF duplexers). These ferrite circulators and isolators are 2-port passive devices ideal for use in mobile infrastructure and distributed antenna systems (DAS) and feature:

  •  Unidirectional 3-port RF circulators that help to control the signal direction and flow inside of an RF circuit.
  •  Protection of RF components from excessive power reflection.
  •  Coverage of many communications bands including UHF, AMS, Tetra, Cellular, PCS, UMTS and LTE frequencies.
  •  SMA or Type-N connectors.
  •  Operation between 380 MHz to 2.2 GHz.
  •  Maximum power ratings to 1,000 Watts and up to 20 dB isolation.

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