Elma Bustronic (Fremont, CA) has designed a new 3U 17-slot backplane to meet the PXI Express Hardware Specification Revision 1.0 (with X1 PCIe connections).

Designed for OEM embedded control and highly integrated test and measurement applications, the backplane integrates PCIe in to the PXI architecture. Specific uses include automated test equipment, GPIB-based modular instrumentation, signal generation, and analysis, as well as high channel-count measurement and data acquisition and control. PXI Express, based on PCI Express, offers high-bandwidth PCI Express connections to modules, enabling up to 2.5 GB/s per direction to PXI Express and CompactPCI Express modules.

“Elma’s expertise in signal integrity and complex designs enables us to develop one of the first PXIe backplanes,” said Boris Micha, Product Line Manager Backplanes. “This solid design will accommodate the higher performance our customers require for their next generation system designs.”

The PXIe backplane includes:

  • One System controller slot and one timing controller slot.
  • PCIe Gen 1 1X lane from controller to each peripheral slot.
  • 15 peripheral slots.
  • Power connector module on system controller slot.
  • Timing controller circuit per section of PXI Express Hardware Specification.
  • Support for Trigger Bus, Star Trigger, Local Bus and differential triggers PXIe_DSTARA+/-, PXIe_DSTARB+/-, and PXIe_DSTARC+/-.
  • Backplane Identification EEPROM.

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