Grayhill (LaGrange, IL) has introduced the compact Series 67B Joystick, a Hall-Effect joystick with a pushbutton and momentary knob rotation for additional interface options. The joystick travels 20 degrees in each X and Y direction as well as momentary rotation around the Z axis. Additional features include:

  • A 32-mm diameter and 16-mm behind panel depth.
  • A hall-effect sensor that provides contactless operation and detects the shaft position anywhere within its 20° field of travel.
  • An operational life of > 1 million cycles. 
  • An on-board micro-controller that produces X,Y coordinates in a range from 0 @ center to 50 @ the extreme periphery for digital output. 
  • A power supply of 3 mA max.
  • A built-in sleep mode of only 0.1 mA max.
  • An operating temperature from -40° to +85°C

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