Now available from Gems Sensors & Controls (Plainville, CT) are the 31EP and 32EP explosion-proof pressure transducers. Building on decades of pressure sensor experience, the latest versions are approved by the CSA for use in hazardous areas. Applications include hazardous area installations, such as artificial lift, chemical injection, and CNG compressors. 31EP/32EP Series transducers are compact and durable, allowing them to be utilized in space-constrained harsh environments.

The two new series are identical, with the exception of the pressure diaphragm. The 32EP Series transducers feature a thicker diaphragm and a pressure restrictor to withstand the rigors of cavitation or extreme pressure spikes, improving stability and reliability in pulsating pressure applications. Both the 31EP and 32EP Series feature proven Sputtered Thin Film sensing technology, 17-4 PH stainless steel wetted parts, and ASIC-controlled thermal compensation and signal conditioning.

They are available in a wide variety of standard factory-configured settings, or can be configured to the customer's specific application needs. Electrical connection can be directly threaded into installed electrical conduit pipe work, and a range of pressure fittings are available to simplify connection to process fluids. This enables 31EP/32EP Series transducers to reduce time and cost of installation.

The transducers are reliable in demanding oil and gas applications because they have:

  • Superior long-term stability (0.2% full scale/year drift).
  • Higher accuracy (0.25% full scale).
  • High resistance to shock and vibration.

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