LPRS (UK) now offers Internet of Things (IoT) system builders a system-on-chip fully integrated wireless controller suitable for remote, battery powered sensor systems, which can offer current consumption as low as 32 µA.

The low cost, high security easyRadio Integrated Controller (eRIC) offers designers seven power saving modes of operation to ensure maximum battery life of remote sensors. The LPRS eRIC transceiver power saving modes provide control of the duty cycle of the receiver so that the ‘ON’ time can be set to 12.5%, 6.25%, 3.1% , 1.56%, 0.78%, 0.39%, & 0.2% with corresponding levels of power saving from its “always on” current of 16 mA. The transmitter may then be independently set to the same duty cycle as the receiver or longer as required for transfer of data. Up to 250 Byte data-packets are supported throughout all operating modes and up to 500 Kbs over air data rates are available.

eRIC is an exceptional value RF transceiver intended for embedded high-volume applications in the “Smart” or “IoT” arena including; building and lighting control, security, home monitoring and medical products, vehicle and contents monitoring, renewable energy control, and remote sensor systems. eRIC has been designed to simplify end product manufacturing and is packaged for SMD assembly and measures just 20 x 15 x 5 mm.

Features include:

  • Follows simple-to-use easyRadio programming protocols.
  • Operates in ISM frequency bands (Europe 433 and 868 MHz, USA 915 MHz).
  • Meets ETSI and FCC requirements.
  • Pin interface compatibility with existing easyRadio Advance (eRA) products.
  • Customer configurable and programmable I/O interface.
  • Built-in temperature sensor.

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