Loctronix (Woodinville, WA)  has announced the availability of the ASR Workbench, a development toolset for the company’s recently released ASR-2300 software-defined radio (SDR) module.  The ASR-2300 is a function-rich SDR for high-performance positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), and communication applications. The new ASR Workbench is a Windows-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SDR applications development and testing.  It comes with a drag-and-drop, real-time DSP modeling tool with integrated support for the ASR-2300.  With ASR Workbench developers will be able to:

  • Process multiple ASR-2300 baseband I/Q sample streams.
  • Access a variety of DSP processing and visualization blocks for use in custom models.
  • Record/playback signals, analyze received signals using a variety of demonstration models.
  • Optimize the performance and configuration of the ASR-2300 module with a suite of diagnostic tools.
  • Export data into formats supporting additional analysis using a variety of standard tools including Matlab/Simulink, Excel, etc.

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