IAR Systems® (Uppsala, Sweden) introduces an updated version (1.40) of its embedded development tools IAR Embedded Workbench® for Renesas RL78. The version includes several new features which further enhance and simplify development of applications based on Renesas low-power RL78 microcontrollers.

To make it possible to handle really large integer values, the C99 data type long long is introduced in this version. The long long data type stores extended size integer values as 64-bit and is useful in, for example, metering applications.

Further simplification of Renesas RL78 entails functionality to invoke external analyzers for project files, which is often used as an interface to static analysis tools like PC-lint. Additional integration with external tools includes the added custom argument variables which can be used in IAR Embedded Workbench for RL78 when sending arguments to an external build tool.

Features include:

  • Multiple inheritance (allows developers to define classes based on multiple parents and inherit characteristics and features from them).
  • Support for __huge data memory attribute.
  • More than 64 Kbytes contiguous data.
  • Long long C99 data type.

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