FCI (Singapore) has introduced its mini-SAS HD Active Optical Cable (MSHD AOC) assembly, the latest addition to its portfolio of optical and electrical cabling solutions. The MSHD AOC solution is a four-channel cable that features low power optical components with an average of 800mW and is able to support plug and play operations. This cable assembly also has seamless backwards compatibility with both SAS 2.1 (6Gb/s) protocol legacy equipment and SAS 3.0 (12Gb/s) next-generation protocol equipment. Additional features include:

  •  Discovery functionality.
  •  I2C bus communication.
  • Customized cable labelling and EEPROM memory map extensions.
  • 3.0 mm diameter
  • Helix-based, 8-fiber optical cable architecture.
  • Versatile cable exit configuration of either a straight or 90-degree cable exit boot.
  • Easy-to-actuate pull tab for un-mating the cable.
  • Full compliance to applicable industry standards such as SFF- 8644 as well as SAS and PCIe protocol standards.

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