Crocus Technology (Grenoble, France) and TowerJazz (Migdal Haemek, Israel) have announced that Crocus' CTSX magnetic field sensor family has completed qualification. The CTSX magnetic sensor product family includes CTSX100, 200 and 300 series. They are based on Crocus’ proprietary Magnetic Logic Unit(TM) (MLU) technology and are ready for shipping to selected customers. 

TowerJazz, Crocus’ strategic manufacturing partner, qualified the sensor products on its 130 nm CMOS process. TowerJazz will fabricate the CTSX product family and offer the new sensors to its customers. Crocus developed the CTSX magnetic sensors to respond to market demand for high sensitivity and low-cost solutions in multiple applications. 

“TowerJazz’s qualification of Crocus’ new CMOS based magnetic sensors will enable us to offer highly-advanced and competitive embedded-solutions to multiple customers in various markets, such as consumer electronics, industrial and automotive among others,” said Zmira Shternfeld-Lavie, VP of TOPS Business Unit and R&D Process Engineering. “We are excited about bringing this technology to volume production this year and pioneering multiple embedded magnetic sensor solutions for the foundry marketplace.” 

The CTSX magnetic sensor product family includes multiple architectures, which are based on Crocus’ Magnetic Logic Unit(TM) (MLU), a disruptive CMOS-based rugged magnetic technology. This enables Crocus’ magnetic sensors to exhibit several orders of magnitude of higher sensitivity. Benefits to customers come in the form of low power, a robust design, and high temperature performance.

The CTSX product family is suitable for:

  • Switching.
  • Current sensing.
  • Position sensing.
  • Rotation and speed sensing.
  • Temperatures ranging up to 250°C.

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