Elsys Instruments (Monroe, NY) has expanded its family of LAN-controlled transient recorders with a new, cost-effective series of high resolution PCIe data acquisition cards.

The new TPCE-LE PCIe data acquisition waveform digitizing products deliver uncompromising, prime performance into a wider number of applications where the acquisition of high speed, high resolution, and high precision waveform data is of the utmost importance. A number of applications benefit from this new line of lower cost products, such as education and research programs in schools, universities, and laboratories as well as in application fields such as ballistics and explosive tests, acoustic emissions, ultrasonic testing, and structural soundness testing. Additional uses include power conversion, renewable power research, and variable frequency drives as well as electrical traction, engine control, fluorescence and phosphorescence decay studies, and particle accelerator control. 

The high-precision, high-resolution digitizers offer sophisticated features such as advanced trigger modes, continuous data acquisition mode, single ended and differential inputs, digital input lines, and ICP coupling for powering piezo sensors. They enable the development of scalable systems that can be expanded to meet growing data acquisition needs.

Technical specifications:

  • 4- or 8-channel single ended and differential cards.
  • Sampling rate of up to 240 MS/s per channel.
  • Up to 1 GB of memory (128 MS per channel).
  • High precision: 0.03% of FSR (typical).
  • 14-bit and 16-bit vertical resolution.
  • Low input noise.

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