Balluff (Florence, KY) has expanded its line of industrial Ethernet cables. While Cat5E is the base requirement for industrial Ethernet, when working with a specific network like EtherNet/IP or PROFINET, higher requirements are a must with the components in the network. Available with M12 D-coded and/or RJ45 connectors, Balluff’s 4 conductor cables are great for almost any industrial Ethernet application.

The PUR Shielded Starquad Flex 2 million features:

  • Suitable for Profinet network
  • 4 pole, 22 AWG
  • Halogen Free

The TPE Shielded Flex 5 million features:

  • ODVA compliant, Cat5e rated
  • Chemical, Oil and UV resistant
  • 600V Rated, 2 pair 24 AWG

The PVC Shielded STP features:

  • Shielded (F/UTP) Flexible patch/jumper cable
  • Cat5e rated
  • Fire and chemical resistance

The TPE Unshielded Flex 10 million features:

  • ODVA compliant, Cat5e rated
  • Fire, UV and low temperature performance
  • Mechanical and Chemical resistance

The TPE Shielded STP 2 pair: FT1 features:

  • Basic Ethernet cable
  • 2 pair, 22 AWG
  • FT1 rated

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