AVX (Greenville, SC) has expanded the capacitance range for its High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic (MLC) Chip Capacitor Series. Available in both X7R and NP0 (C0G) options, the series exhibits capacitance values, low ESR at high frequencies, and performance across all voltages. The series can be used in a variety of automotive, medical, commercial, and industrial electronics applications, particularly as snubbers, resonators, filters, and DC blocking caps in high voltage multipliers, high frequency power converters, and switch mode power supplies (SMPS). Additional features include:

  • Operating temperatures spanning -55 to +125°C.
  • Voltages from 600V to 5000V.
  • Case sizes ranging from 0805 to 3640.
  • Capacitance values spanning 1.5pF to 0.82µF.
  • Termination options of Pd/Ag and plated Ni/Sn.
  • Thru-hole or SMT configurations. 

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