API Technologies Corp. (Orlando, FL) [NASDAQ:ATNY] has announced the receipt of a strategic development order for a multi-channel microwave front end system. This integrated microwave assembly (IMA) will be used in a next generation radar warning receiver targeted for use in major Department of Defense military aircraft platforms.

The front end system will include the basic building blocks of pre-selection filtering, amplification, and high isolation. It is designed around API’s suspended substrate stripline (SSS) technology, which enables broad frequency coverage, low loss, and fast switching speed in a small footprint.

“Our strength in system integration is a direct result of our heritage in the development of high performance microwave assemblies including amplifiers, filters, and other passive and active components for electronic warfare (EW) systems,” said Bel Lazar, president and chief executive officer, API Technologies. “By combining our filter and amplifier technology with our custom SSS process, the resulting IMA features broad frequency coverage and faster switching speeds to quickly identify more enemy threats than ever before.” 

API's Integrated Microwave and Multifunction Assemblies (IMAs and MFAs) are made for applications spanning:

  • Oscillator Based.
  • Filter Based.
  • Signal Conversion.
  • Multi-Function Assemblies (MFAs).

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