API Technologies Corp. (Orlando, FL) [NASDAQ:ATNY], a provider of RF/microwave, power, and security solutions for critical and high-reliability applications, now manufactures a series of multi-conductor cable assemblies used in low earth orbit satellites that track commercial aircraft. With this introduction, API has increased its capabilities in supporting hi-reliability space applications from its Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS) product line.

Jason Russolese, EIS director of global sales and marketing, API Technologies said, “These new cable assemblies have passed not only API Technologies’ stringent electrical requirements, but also the highly demanding mechanical elements such as pull testing, contact retention, and separation force testing, making them compliant to the customer's strict space-level specifications."

Designed to deliver dependable operation and cost savings in applications that require high reliability, these multi-conductor cable assemblies are:

  • Manufactured in accordance with ASTM E595 outgassing specifications.
  • 100% tested for continuity, dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV), and insulation resistance.
  • Guaranteed for minimum lifespan of 20 years.
  • Designed with static dissipation and the ozone layer in mind.
  • Ideal for use in satellite communications and telecommunication services.

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