Aitech Defense Systems (Chatsworth, CA) has expanded its line of rugged, managed Gigabit Ethernet switches to include several new versions. In addition to the original 6U CompactPCI (C660) version, Aitech now offers managed Gigabit Ethernet switches in 6U VPX (C670), 3U VPX (C680), and XMC (M620) formats. The switches feature a host of board management devices such as power controller, elapsed time recorder, and temperature sensors as well as several monitoring devices including CPU, port, and TCAM utilization.

Each switch is available in five 100% software compatible environmental build-grades:

  • Air-cooled commercial (0 to 50°C).
  • Air-cooled rugged (-40 to +71°C).
  • Conduction-cooled rugged (-40 to +71°C).
  • Full military air-cooled (-55 to +85°C).
  • Full military conduction-cooled (-55 to +85°C).

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