Skyworks (Woburn, MA) has introduced a series of surface-mount, silicon, hyperabrupt junction tuning varactor diodes for automotive, consumer, defense, and infrastructure markets. The SMV2026 Series provides high capacitance ratio and low-series resistance suitable for use in low-phase noise, voltage-controlled oscillators, voltage-tuned phase shifters, bandpass filters, and microwave tuners at frequencies up to and above 2.5 GHz.  The Series is also ideal for wideband UHF and VHF applications. The minimum capacitance ratio from 2 to 10 V is 2.0, which makes the SMV2026 series suitable for wide bandwidth VCOs and wide phase-range phase shifters. The SMV2026 is manufactured in a surface-mount, industry standard SC-79 package and an ultrasmall SOD-882 package that offer very low parasitic inductance and capacitance.

  • Low series resistance and leakage current for low phase-noise VCOs.
  • A high-capacitance ratio of CT (2 V)/CT (10 V) = 2.0 min.
  • A broad 15-V tuning range.
  • Competitive cross to Toshiba 1SV179 varactor diode.
  • SC-79 and ultra-small SOD-882 packages (MSL1, 260°C per JEDEC J-STD-020).

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