Roxtec (Tulsa, OK) has demonstrated that their cable entry seals for upgrading telecom base stations save time and overall project costs.

FMHC (Chicago, IL) provides consulting and construction solutions to the major wireless carriers, OEMs, and other leaders in the wireless communications industry, and are helping major US wireless telecom operators improve and upgrade their base stations. In this case, the operator has made a commitment of network reliability to its customers. To avoid downtime in the event of power loss, diesel and natural gas generators have been placed at each site.

However, placing these generators outside and leasing more real estate is not always cost-effective. The alternative – removing an air conditioner from one end and placing the generators inside the shelter – could have required heavy investments in new rooftop AC units.

FMHC presented a better solution on a recommendation from the shelter manufacturer, Fibrebond. By replacing the port panel and boots with the Roxtec KFO retrofit solution the cable entry opening was reduced. This allowed the removed AC to be placed on the wall next to the other one, and eliminated the need for a new unit on the roof. Thanks to Roxtec, certified protection against water, dust, and insects was also ensured. Although the opening was reduced, the capacity for adding new cables was increased.

The most valuable benefit was the ability to install Roxtec around existing cables without shutting the site down. This eliminated the risk of losing customers or revenue. “I like the fact that you can seal small and big cables with Roxtec and increase the capacity without making new holes. We will keep on using Roxtec,” says Tim Greer at FMHC.

Using Roxtec KFO cable entry seals, FMHC was able to ensure network reliability and uptime even during the retrofit process. They also improved equipment protection, and increased spare cable capacity while reducing the size of the opening. “There is no viable option other than Roxtec. We save both time and money, and it seals great,” says Tim Greer, construction manager at FMHC.

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