Pentek (Upper Saddle River, NJ) has announced the Onyx Model 71741, a 1-channel, 3.6 GHz 12-bit A/D or 2-channel, 1.8 GHz 12-bit A/D XMC module based on the high density Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA. The Model 71741 can digitize signal bandwidths up to 1500 MHz.

The front end accepts analog RF or IF inputs on a pair of front panel SSMC connectors with transformer coupling into a Texas Instruments ADC12D1800 12-bit A/D. The converter operates in single-channel interleaved mode with a sampling rate of 3.6 GHz and an input bandwidth of 1.75 GHz or in dual-channel mode with a sampling rate of 1.8 GHz and input bandwidth of 2.8 GHz. A built-in AutoSync feature supports A/D synchronization across multiple modules. A powerful DDC intellectual property (IP) core sets the Model 71741 apart from the competition. The DDC supports a single-channel mode, accepting data samples from the A/D converter at the full 3.6 GHz rate. It also operates as a dual channel DDC when the A/D is set for 2-channel 1.8 GHz operation.

The Onyx software radio modules were designed for extremely wideband signal applications.The Model 71741 features an A/D acquisition IP module for easy capture and data moving, and comes preconfigured with a suite of built-in functions for:

  • Data capture.
  • Synchronization.
  • Time tagging and formatting (ideal turn-key interface for radar).
  • Communications.
  • General data acquisition applications.

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